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Hero Motivators and Motivationology

HM and Motivationology are alternatives promoted by EPVP's founder. Instead of focusing on weaknesses and creating "disorders," instead focus on strengths, motivation, self-defense, survival, independence, resilience, self-fulfillment, actions, solutions, and externalizing! Externalizing means that instead of blaming oneself or analyzing one's inward flaws, a person looks outward at their situation, environment, relationships, influencers, and society. Empower yourself by looking outward and seeing that you can take actions to change any situation! Hero Motivators is about 2 Way Success! Right now it is mostly on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Hero Motivators will work on a Motivator System, which similar to "peer support" which anti-psych activists typically prefer to force, but with a motivationology view on the website, instead. It will be matching with motivators and motivatees up to 10. The other aspect of Hero Motivators is positivity, yet a new view with a Good Samaritans, Vigilantes, and Heroes Network. EPVP's founder believes that helping the situation and environment practically is the best way to improve a person's situation, how they feel, and more. By focusing on what can be done to improve, a person can theoretically recover far faster than with psychology or "mental health"! With the tenents and focus of Motivationology as the base, think about how the world can be improved and see examples of people making a difference!

Both of these are projects currently in progress. They're free to use and will hopefully motivate people to use alternatives!

Visit Hero Motivators on YouTube

More Alternatives

Contary to marketing by psych, there are alternatives to psych! Frequently mentioned alternatives are nutrition, fitness, and peer support. Of course, anyone can see motivation as part of alternatives!

Hearing Voices Network is another, which promotes hearing "voices" as a quality to embrace as normal, instead of as a "disease."

Open Dialogue, although not completely outside "mental health," is successful in Finland, far more than areas of Finland which force psych wards, and constant drugs.

Music you prefer, videos which improve your outlook, and doing activities you enjoy can improve yourself! Further, unlike psych which can disable, work, school, success, goals, and ambitions are important! Most of all, see yourself as normal. It's great to differ, and not conform. Although Everyday Psych Victims Project takes the view that people have normal variances, and are not "crazy" or "mad," "Mad Pride" is an alternative of embracing instead of questioning differences.

Don't fall into the psych trap! There are plenty of ways of bringing yourself and others upward! Be resilient.

Please send us more information about alternatives which have worked for you! We'll add them here at EPVP!